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Acupuncture Council of Ireland

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Acupuncture Council of Ireland

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Many of us are impacted by stress whether through work, family, bereavement, illness, shock, or financial pressures in our lives.

Sometimes this can be sustained over a prolonged period of time depleting our body and causing an imbalance as we are pushing ourselves beyond our tolerance level.

Acupuncture can be very relaxing and calming and is very helpful in relieving feelings of anxiety and depression and restoring that natural sense of well being again.  

In Western terms, the interpretation is that acupuncture points stimulates your ‘CNS’ Central Nervous System to release neurotransmitters( ie chemical substances) naturally boosting and restoring internal balance and harmony in the body.

Stress Relief Therapy

“I attended Natalie for Acupuncture as I was having frequent bouts of insomnia after an increased level of stress. I immediately enjoyed a deep relaxing sleep and can describe it like she pressed my reset button and I felt more positivity flowing through my Body. I would recommend acupuncture for increased stress and insomnia. Thank you.“  

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