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Acupuncture Council of Ireland

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Acupuncture Council of Ireland

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Premier Acupuncture will help to support any fertility issues from the planning stage, with or without Assisted Reproduction, during pregnancy if needed and indeed after the pregnancy.   

Planning on having a Baby can seem like the most natural thing in the World but sometimes it can prove to be a very difficult, long and lonely journey for many couples, speaking from experience.  

Every effort will be made to help the couple improve their success here and as

Traditional Chinese Medicine is about looking at the Person as a whole, we will try to get to the root cause of any difficulty.

Needless to say a proper Diet and Nutrition is very important prior to having a Baby

Firstly, A detailed case study will be completed with specific questions relating to the mental, physical and emotional functions of the Body along with diet, health and lifestyle questions.  

All with a view to try to address any issues/disorders or imbalances in the Body and achieve optimal health and ultimately a successful pregnancy.      

Whether you are trying naturally or seeking assistance with your Fertility, Acupuncture will help promote the free flow of ‘Qi’ (energy/life force) and blood in the Body, optimising circulation along with calming both the mind and Body for what can sometimes be a very stressful process.

In fertility patients, again appropriate Acupuncture points will be needled in the Body based on the proper TCM diagnosis.

If the lower abdomen is cold, heat therapy may also be used to warm it up.

Natalie is an amazing therapist. Having suffered with back and leg pain while pregnant, I can honestly say her sessions were the only thing I found relief from. Natalie provides a calm friendly environment coupled with an incredible knowledge of physical and emotional well being.

I went for acupuncture as it was recommended to me prior to my labour. From the minute I walked in the door I felt very welcomed. After both sessions I felt very relaxed and slept like a baby both nights. I was very comfortable with Natalie and I would definitely recommend Natalie.